Month: March 2022

Martial Arts Discussions and Entertainment

Senior Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker

Happy Belated Birthday Sr. GM Parker Senior Grandmaster Edmund Kealoha Parker – Father of American Karate, Founder of American Kenpo Karate, born March 19th, 1931. Note: I will be using GM to abbreviate Grandmaster, I mean no disrespect by this. Anyone who studies Kempo in America has probably heard of Ed Parker’s name. A father…
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Happy Birthday Cynthia Rothrock! March 8th

Cynthia Rothrock started martial arts at 13 at school that, I personally consider, a toxic dojo. They had her spar a blackbelt, who did not holdback, on literally her second day. Not to mention she was the only girl in class. Despite this, Cynthia pressed forward and continued training. She became a black belt in…
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Joe Lewis

Happy Birthday to Joe Lewis! Joe Lewis Born March 7, 1944. Dubbed “Muhammad Ali” of Sport Karate + Kickboxing Joined Marines. Studied shorin-ryu Karate when stationed in Okinawa. Studied under: Eizo Shimabukuro, Seiyu Ogata, Chisaku Kinjo, and John Korab; receiving a black belt in 7 months. Later in life he would study under Bruce Lee…
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