Foundational Roots

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Foundational Roots

Through push and pull the sand and soil may wash away, but if the roots run deep enough the tree will continue to stand tall.

How does this transfer over to Martial Arts?



In training your basics are the roots, with all else benig the soil, sand, and debris. Under pressure many things may wash away, but your foundational skills will continue to serve you.We

as martial artists aim to refine the basics which allow us to have structure under stress both physically and mentally.

In layman’s terms, we build a strong mind and body.

If the muscle memory and precise movement isn’t there, then we are more likely to fall victim to the faults of violence.

Be it:

1) Under reaction – A reaction with too little movement or force

2) Over reaction – A reaction with too much movement or force

3) Hesitation – A delayed movement, which does not reach in time

4) Reactional Failure – A complete half of movement, with no reaction whatsoever.

How are these faults minimized when fighting? By the drilling the basics!

You crawl before you walk, and walk before you can sprint.

The gradual addition of pressure and ressistance cause us to improve upon our basic abilities. This in turn makes us fundamentally more stable.

And like a tree, we expand our roots.

I often hear the saying, “Drillers make killers.”

Which is true to some extent.

But drilling in itself doesn’t specifically refer to static movement, nor does it refer to solo command and mastery.

Drilling simply refers to a training exercise. Sparring, stationary basics, footwork, and movement, supplmentary training, repetition training, and more.

All of these have a purpose.

That purpose? Skill development.

Work your basics until they become engrained in yourself. If we don’t have the basics, we don’t have anything.

To those reading, I thank you. And I ask you:

“What form of drilling do you find the most useful for a martial artist?”

Answer in the comments below.

Until next time, this has been Lo.


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