Review: Frayed and Loose Threads – Everlast Multi-Pack Hand Wraps

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Review: Frayed and Loose Threads – Everlast Multi-Pack Hand Wraps

Hey Everyone! Masa here. Today I’m going to be reviewing some hand wraps.

I use my handwraps for Muay Thai. I wash them in the laundry washer in a mesh bag and they go into the dryer in a mesh bag as well.

I bought these with my own money and I was not gifted them in return for a review. This is my own experience. Which is crazy because I haven’t had these for more than two months and they started degrading almost immediately.

I bought these at a local sport store. It was a 3-pack of Everlast 108”. They were super thin and I didn’t really care because I came from a martial art (Shaolin Kempo) where we didn’t use any wrist support so I was under the impression I didn’t really need wrist support. I have small (but wide) hands and these were fine since I wasn’t used to needing wraps. For the record, it does say that they are machine washable. I still use them because I refuse to wear dirty wraps, eventually I will retire these unless they retire themselves early.

The white ones are doing ok, but this is just an example of the quality from my red ones. These results were after the first wash, but these pictures were taken after the third or fourth wash (remember, these are in a mesh bag).

These haven’t held up at all. I don’t recommend them at all. The only reason why I even bought these was because they were the only brand at the store I went to and I needed hand wraps that night (I only had one pair at a time and I had used them the yesterday so they weren’t washed yet).

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the velcro, but personally I haven’t had issues with them. These photos are from all over the wraps, not just the ends or middle of the wraps.

You can see here the wraps are fraying and the threads are coming loose.
More loose and fraying threads from both of the red wraps
Even more fraying threads and loose threads. Again, these are from both of my red wraps.
More frays and loose threads

These were definitely cheap, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for and I would say that is definitely the case with these Everlast wraps.


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