Month: February 2021

Martial Arts Discussions and Entertainment

The Day Class – Episode 1 – Problems with Women’s Self Defense Video

Combat Connection Team with guest Gryff comment on what can work and what doesn’t work in a women’s self defense video.

Review: Frayed and Loose Threads – Everlast Multi-Pack Hand Wraps

Hey Everyone! Masa here. Today I’m going to be reviewing some hand wraps. I use my handwraps for Muay Thai. I wash them in the laundry washer in a mesh bag and they go into the dryer in a mesh bag as well. I bought these with my own money and I was not gifted…
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This is the start of the Combat Connection. We hope to create some fun and thoughtful content that hopefully other martial artists will be able to enjoy. Currently we are in the process of editing a podcast that we should have cleaned up and posted in a week. We are also working on curating some…
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